Writing A Better Blog: Forget SEO, Focus on Content and Connection

Have you just decided to make waves in the blogging scene?

In preparing to take the plunge, you might have started reading everything you can find about “How to Blog”. There is no end to the number of articles you can find on the internet that tells you about how to set up a blog and among those articles you will definitely come across many that will Search Engine Optimization or S.E.O.

Search Engine Optimization is a process whereby websites and blogs are configured in order to gain top ranking for search results on Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine. It also involves promoting the site through back-linking or having the links of your blog or website posted on higher ranking websites and blogs.

What good S.E.O. is supposed to do is to give your website or blog high visibility in searches for key words contained in your blog. If you target the right key words and manage to get into the top 10 of searches for those key words as well as the right back-links, the desired result should be a good amount of traffic or visits from people.

S.E.O., in itself, can be stifling. The search for the right key words and the right websites to link to will take some time and a lot of skillful analysis. But, if done right, it can be rewarding.

Fairly established and popular bloggers will pay for essay reddit not be too eager to admit it, but they do fret over S.E.O. and their visitor statistics.

For the new blogger, however, obsessing over S.E.O. can — in certain cases — lead to blog limbo.

The advise I give to friends who have asked me to coach them in the process of building up a blog is this: Forget S.E.O., focus on content.

When I encountered the term S.E.O. for blogs, a lot of people were marketing the idea that the right SEO could “explode your traffic” and “get you tons of leads, subscribers, etcetera”. Back then, it was an enticing prospect and I bought into the idea.

By reading through all the material I could find, I managed to understand enough SEO and apply what I’ve learned on my own blog, Pinoy Buzz.


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