French Bulldog Breeding – 3 Key Issues To Consider

There are a lot of owners who are interested in French bulldog breeding. They have a French bulldog and want to have puppies for a variety of reasons. The problem is that not everyone understands the breed and the inherent issues that come with it. There are a few tricks to breeding this type of dog. There is a lot for you to Cheap french bulldog  know prior to making this commitment. It will pay off in the long run to consider a few key factors in the process.

Consider these three key issues to ensure your breeding experience goes smoother.

1) Reasons for breeding- While just about every breeding session will create a financial gain, this should never be the only reason you are do it. You do not want to become a puppy mill and just breed your dog for the money. You should really consider whether you truly love the breed and want to further the line. Your experience will be much more pleasant if you approach it with this in mind.

2) Breed Purity- There are not a lot of the French bulldogs out there, so it is important to find out the lineage of your dog and avoid complications that can come with breeding too close to your dogs blood line. Good traits should be promoted through French bulldog breeding. A dog that is not show quality may be classified as a pet quality animal. These should not be breed, but spade or neutered before they are sold as pets.

3) Medical Status- Your dog should be healthy if you are going to undergo this procedure. A quick trip to the vet prior to the event can save you a lot of heartache. Be sure to tell your vet what you are planning to do and get their advice as to your dog’s condition. The breeding procedure should be accomplished under the care of a licensed vet. Complication can arise that will required the skills of a professional.

The French bulldog breeding process can be much easier if you think about what you trying to do before you get started. Be sure to involve the right people in the procedure, Get your dog to a vet early, interact with a knowledgeable breeder, and choose the right stud to ensure the best genes for your puppies. As a responsible Frenchie owner, you should not take this process lightly. Take care of your animals and they will pay you back with love and devotion.

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